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TIFFA stands for Targeted Imaging for Fetal Anomalies. This scan is performed to understand if the baby is growing healthy in the womb. It is usually performed around the 18th week of pregnancy.

Why it should be done?
The TIFFA scan clears the visualization of the major external and internal organs of the fetus and also allows your doctor to check if they are developing well.

For that, the baby is screened from head to toe. It is an opportunity for you to see, proper fetal movements. It detects any abnormalities in the growing fetus. This scan is done between 18 - 22 weeks of pregnancy.

What Dr Swarna would do
Going through multiple stages in pregnancy, be it emotional, bodily or your lifestyle including your family, you need the thorough guidance of a professional who will be throughout with you from the time of conception.

Not only you, but your doctor also must know you well.

A doctor gives their entire life to excel in a profession so that they can save and enhance your way of living by becoming a part of your life.

Get yourself checked and guided by Dr. Swarna in your above-mentioned stages of pregnancy. One, in the 12th week and the other in the 18th week.

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